Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Workshop

Power BI : 3 - Day Workshop

This incomprehensive hands-on workshop demonstrates the way to build & deploy Power BI dashboards to both imbibe & transform data. It’s an enveloping blend of consulting and instructions delivered by our specialist with world expertise. Conclusively this course teaches the way to innovate, highlight the insights that emerge, tell stories with data, high-impact dashboards and showcase patterns.

What is Power BI Workshop?

Microsoft Power BI can help your organization unlock in-depth and valuable insights from your available data. This level of business intelligence doesn’t just involve data analysis, but methods and techniques to form resulting insights approachable, and to inform stories through data. Working in Power BI dashboards isn’t a difficult process, once users have the proper training and knowledge . We are here to assist, with our comprehensive Power BI training course. This workshop includes expert guidance and education which will empower you and your users to confidently leverage Power BI during a way that best supports your data analytics, your decision-making, and your business vision. At the top of the facility BI training course, you come away with comprehensive skills that enable you to require advantage of all the features and functionality that Power BI dashboards need to offer. From automation to understanding the platform’s AI capabilities, this Power BI training course covers it all. Ideal for everybody from data scientists and designers to developers and business analysts, the facility BI Training Course is simply what you would like to form the foremost of your Power BI deployment.

Are you low on the data maturity continuum or experiencing any of the following scenarios

  • Employees using multiple “versions” of reality and don’t have the framework to form informed data driven decisions.
  • Disconnected but valuable data sitting in non-structured formats like text, web, etc.
  • Unable to require advantage of siloed data environments, or core data to drive real-time business decisions and analytics.
  • Costly attempts at building pervasive corporate reporting solutions that haven’t reached their potential.

Benefits Of A Workshop In Your Organization

  •  Evolution of company’s culture towards a more data-driven information democracy.
  • Increased insights offering better informed decisions supported customers, products, sales, marketing, trends, patterns, and key data metrics.
  • Migrate towards an influence BI reporting and dashboard quickly and efficiently.
  • Introductory hands-on data science experience.

You Can Expect

A three-day interactive workshop

A hands on experience with development and administrative BI tools

A broad range of exercises allowing you to specialise in areas of interest in your organization

Five hours put aside (post workshop) for your organization to follow-up with course material questions

This workshop is right for developers, data analysts, business analysts, data scientists and data/BI architects

Analytics Powered by Humans

Analytics Powered by Math

Analytics Powered by Math for Humans

Analytics Powered by Math for HI & AI

Why should you attend?

Connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources

Define business rules and KPIs

Explore data with powerful visualization tools

Build stunning reports

Power BI Dashboard Samples